Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who Celebrity Plastic Surgery

They will deny, deny, and deny some more that they have had celebrity plastic surgery, but there are plenty of celebrities who have had it done. If they will not admit it through the words that come out of their mouths, the difference in their appearance tells everything. Nevertheless, there are those celebrities who will admit to having tested procedures as Botox done. They do not seem to have too much of an issue admitting that because it is not surgical.

Surgical disasters
However, there are some celebrities that are considered celebrity plastic surgery disasters. One of the most recent ones was Lisa Rinna and she even admitted that she thought the results were horrendous. Other celebrities include:

- Melanie Griffith with her unnaturally thick lips. Being a naturally beautiful woman, many are saying that she should not have had her lips augmented because they overshadow the natural beauty that she poss esses.

- Faye Dunaway is one in which her skin has been pulled too tightly.

- Kenny Rogers is another one who has changed quite a bit due to cosmetic surgery. He definitely looks different and the opinion is not always a Favorable one.

- Joan Rivers is one you can not forget really. As a matter of fact, she might be the first one that you think of when someone mentions bad celebrity plastic surgery. She has even made fun of herself in a TV commercial where she says, "I can not feel my face. So you do have to admire her for finding humor in it.

There are certainly more than this surgical disasters, but these are some of the most notable.

Not disastrous Sun
There are some celebrities who have had celebrity plastic surgery that is not so disastrous. The truth is that it can help some individuals. Take these celebrities, for instance:

- Pamela Anderson is quite obvious with the breast implants and it has been rumored that she has had some work done on her face as well.

- Nicole Kidman is more on the rumor side of things, but she has changed in the past 15 years or so. She has gotten older, but her nose has changed completely. However, she is still beautiful.

- Paula Abdul has had some work done, but it is not horrendous work. It looks as if she has had a little tweak here and there.

- Victoria Beckham Is Still gorgeous although she has had some work done. It is quite obvious that she is different from what she used to be. And we do know that she has had breast implants.

- Jennifer Grey had one of the most obvious changes. She had a nose job done many years ago and when she did this, it made her unrecognizable to many of her fans. It was a dramatic change in her appearance, but it was one for the better.

- There is Therefore the Ashley Simpson nose job, Which improved her looks. That was actually a wise decision on her part, although she was a pretty girl anyway.

- Marilyn Monroe is an oldie and she has been gone for quite some time, but she had had Rhinoplasty surgery some time between being a brunette and becoming a blonde.

- Halle Berry has even had a nose job but, we all know that she is beautiful either way. She could have left her nose the way it was and everyone would have loved her just as much.

This is a good rundown of the good and the bad in celebrity plastic surgery. It is quite amazing the results that we have seen in some of our favorite stars. And if you wondered about any of them, now you know.


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